I. Prologue

  • a) Studio credits, title presentation.
  • b) The queen, Snow White’s mother, walks through snow in the castle’s garden and pricks finger. Three drops of blood fall on snow.
  • c) The queen admires the blood on the snow and wishes for a child. Snow White is born. Snow White’s childhood. She walks through a field of wheat and a market with young William, carrying a wounded bird. Young Snow White plays in the trees with Young William, and an apple falls onto the ground. The queen, Snow White’s mother, passes.
  • d) War begins with a dark and mysterious army, and the kingdom is forced into battle. Battle scene with the dark army. Enemy soldiers shatter like glass. The King’s army is victorious but it is an ominous victory.
  • e) Introduction of Ravenna. She is initially a prisoner of war. The king becomes enchanted with Ravenna. The next day, Ravenna is married to the King. Ravenna has a short conversation with Snow White about the bonds that tie the two.
  • f) Marriage and coronation of Ravenna. It is an elaborate ceremony. Snow White walks behind Ravenna, and she takes note of her growing presence.
  • g) Honeymoon night of the new king and queen. Ravenna murders the king by poisoning him and then stabbing him with a dagger. A cup of wine falls to the ground, spilling.
  • h) Ravenna assumes the throne of the kingdom and allows the dark army to invade in the middle of the night. Snow White discovers the body of the dead king and runs away, while Ravenna watches. The soldiers of the kingdom attempt to save Snow White and William, but the dark army captures Snow White.
  • i) Ravenna has the magic mirror brought to a corridor in the castle. She orders the corridor to be emptied, and summons the magic mirror for the first time with her trademark spell. The conjured mirror tells Ravenna that “It is you, my queen.” The kingdom withers, and the land becomes barren and dark.

II. Snow White’s escape

  • a) Time skips ahead approximately 10 years, and Snow White is still imprisoned in her cell. She builds a fire and plays with her straw dolls. She offers an “Our Father.” A young girl is taken prisoner in the cell next to Snow White’s. Her name is Greta, and tells Snow White that the girls in the village are being taken by the dark army.
  • b) Ravenna plucks out the heart of a dead bird and consumes it. She watches from a castle window as peasants fight over dirty water in the streets. She takes a bath in white liquid and emerges.
  • c) Two prisoners of war are brought before Ravenna. One of them stabs Ravenna in the abdomen, but she survives. She uses magic to kill him in return. She frees the remaining prisoner.
  • d) Ravenna worries over her aging body. She consumes a young woman’s vitality, Greta, in order to bypass the burden of aging and becomes youthful again. Ravenna summons the magic mirror once again, but the mirror tells her that Snow White is the fairest of them all. She decides to consume her heart in order to gain immortality.
  • e) Snow White pulls an iron nail out of the bricks outside her cell’s window, just before Finn enters the cell. Finn attempts to bring her to Ravenna but she uses the iron nail to cut his face and locks him inside the cell amidst the confusion.
  • f) Snow White runs outside of the castle’s dungeon and narrowly escapes the dark army’s soldiers by jumping into the sewers. The prisoner that was freed by Ravenna prior witnesses this. Snow White makes it to a cliff overlooking the sea and jumps in out of desperation. Snow White swims to shore and is guided by two birds to a white horse resting on the beach. She mounts him and the horse brings her to a village. The village people and Snow White exchange glances and she again takes off. The dark army pursues her through a forest.
  • g) The white horse collapses in mud and is dirtied, and Snow White is thrown off. Before the dark army reaches her, she runs into the Dark Forest. Inside the Dark Forest, Snow White becomes trapped in a poisonous fog. She encounters dark spirits and monsters, and faints onto the ground.
  • h) Ravenna berates Finn for allowing Snow White to escape. She admonishes him for his incompetence. Ravenna is informed that Snow White has escaped into the Dark Forest, where Ravenna has no powers. Queen Ravenna decides that she must rely on a third party to bring Snow White out of the Dark Forest.

III. The Huntsman and the Dark Forest

  • a) Introduction of Eric the Huntsman. He is thrown through a wooden door, apparently for money owed to a brothel. He is beaten by the brothel’s strong-arm in front of laughing village people.
  • b) Eric wakes up in a trough of dirty brown water by Finn and other soldiers of the dark army. He is brought to castle before Ravenna’s court. Ravenna orders Eric to retrieve Snow White from the Dark Forest. Eric refuses, and the order turns into a threat. Ravenna promises Eric that in return for capturing Snow White, Eric’s lost wife will be resurrected. Eric agrees to the terms.
  • c) Eric enters the Dark Forest with Finn and his henchman following closely behind. Snow White awakens and runs deeper into the forest. Eric discovers her tracks in the mud and follows armed with an axe. Snow White hides beneath a trees tangled roots, but Eric finds her. Finn catches up to the two and orders Eric to hand Snow White over. But Eric demands two things: to know what is to become of Snow White and that his wife be resurrected first.
  • d) Finn reveals to Eric that Ravenna does not have the power to resurrect the dead, and an enraged Eric fights off Finn and his soldiers while Snow White runs away even further into the Dark Forest. Finn falls into a pit of poisonous gas and becomes deformed.
  • e) Eric catches up to Snow White again, but he becomes disgusted with the trouble that she brings him and begins to walk away. Snow White offers Eric 100 gold pieces for escorting her to Duke Hammond’s castle, and a deal is made between the two.
  • f) At Duke Hammond’s stronghold the freed prisoner tells Duke Hammond that Snow White is alive, and the Duke asks where his son is. William and his allies ambush a traveling squad of the dark army. He is victorious and wipes them all out. He returns to the Duke’s castle, and his father informs William that Snow White is alive. Upon hearing this, William heads to the Dark Forest against his father’s wishes.
  • g) Back at the Dark Forest, Snow White and Eric converse over the Huntsman’s drinking problems. Eric cuts off a part of her dress with his axe, in order to make walking through the forest easier.
  • h) William approaches Finn and his henchmen, and offers his skills as a bowman. Finn attempts to kill him, but William’s show of skill changes his mind.
  • i) Eric teaches Snow White how to use a dagger to kill a person. Snow White is reluctant, but Eric assures her that she may not have a choice.
  • j) Ravenna plucks a flower off a barren branch, and crushes it in her palm, turning it into shards of black wisps.
  • k) Snow White and Eric reach the edge of the Dark Forest. Right when they are crossing a stone bridge, a troll awakens and attacks the two. Eric tells Snow White to run away, but instead she ends up protecting Eric by staring down the troll in a stand-off. The troll walks away, and Eric is left amazed but wondering why Snow White did not run away.

IV. The fishing village

  • a) The two reach a swampy marshland, where they meet a group of shrouded travelers on canoes. They are brought to a small fishing village of women and children. The men are all gone.
  • b) While one of the shrouded women tend to Eric’s wounds, she tells the Huntsman that Snow White is the princess of the previous king. He confronts Snow White over the distrust that she feels for him.
  • c) When the shrouded women take off their cowls, their faces are revealed to be scarred. They tell Snow White the scars are intentionally self-inflicted in order to avert the Queen’s jealousy. Eric attempts to leave Snow White again, this time succeeding. He tells the scarred woman that every time he cares about something, it becomes lost.
  • d) While Snow White is sleeping inside one of the fishing village’s huts, Finn and his soldiers attack the village. William desperately searches for Snow White, but is separated from her by fire. Eric sees the burning village to his surprise, and returns to save Snow White. After finding her, the two again escape from Finn and his men.

V. The Dwarves and Sanctuary

  • a) Back at Ravenna’s castle, she reminisces about her tragic childhood. In her youth, she was enchanted with a spell to become the fairest of them all, and taken away by an unnamed army.
  • b) Snow White and Eric lament over the lost fishing village. Eric promises Snow White that he will bring her to Duke Hammond’s castle. Right then, they are attacked by a group of masked men and then hung by their feet. It is a group of eight dwarves.
  • c) The dwarves question and beat Eric. The huntsman offers gold the dwarves, but they don’t believe him. Snow White questions the loyalty of the dwarves, and reveals that she is the princess of the late King Magnus. The Dwarves believe her, but Finn and his men narrowly catch up to them before they escape into a cave.
  • d) The dwarves lead Eric and Snow White to their home in a magical forest named Sanctuary, home of the fairies. Life is abundant, vibrant and covered in green moss. They arrive at the dwarves’ camp, where they spend the night drinking with light revelry. Snow White thanks the elder dwarf Muir, and he tells her of the history of the dwarf people before Ravenna came to power.
  • e) Snow White dances with the dwarf Gus, and the dwarves realize that they feel livelier in the presence of the princess. Eric and Beith reconcile their differences, and asks Eric of his true wishes; gold or the girl.
  • f) Snow White wakes up in the Sanctuary the next morning and witnesses a pair of fairies emerging from birds. She follows the fairies to a magical beast resembling a deer with giant antlers, the white hart. She approaches the beast and it blesses her, and is proclaimed “the one.”
  • g) An arrow strikes the white hart in its side, as Finn and his men have caught up. The White hart dissipates into countless white birds into the air. Snow White and company run away from the pursuers while the dwarves stay back to fight the dark soldiers. Eric and Finn engage in close combat while William finally catches up to Snow White. Eric kills Finn by impaling him with a log. Back at the castle, Ravenna falls to the ground, as if Finn’s life is connected with Ravenna’s.
  • h) Gus throws himself in front of an arrow aimed at Snow White, and he passes away, leaving only seven dwarves. The dwarves swear their allegiance to Snow White while they gather around Gus’ body. The dwarves cremate the body of Gus and sing a song in his memory.
  • i) Now joined by William, Eric, Snow White and the seven dwarves travel toward Duke Hammond’s castle. William apologizes for leaving her in their childhood, but Snow White reminds him that they were only children then.

VI. The poison apple and resurrection

  • a) Ravenna, old and decrepit, summons magic once again, as black birds fly around her in the magic mirror’s corridor.
  • b) Snow White walks through a wintry forest with William. William tries to persuade Snow White to claim the kingdom’s throne. They share a kiss, and William offers her an apple, which she takes a bite of. She falls to the ground. The apple is poisoned, and William is revealed to be Ravenna in disguise. Eric wakes up and alerts the others that something seems amiss. Right before Ravenna can kill Snow White, Eric and William stop her, and Ravenna vanishes into the air in the form of black birds.
  • c) The two men lament over Snow White’s still body, and she falls asleep. William kisses her, but she remains asleep. The dwarves resolve to fulfill their promise.
  • d) Ravenna arrives back at her castle, but in a black and muddy form. She crawls towards the magic mirror with her arm stretched towards it.
  • e) Snow White arrives at Duke Hammond’s castle on a stretcher made of wood and leaves, and is set upon a bed made of fur inside the castle. A drunken Eric approaches the bed and confesses his love for her. He kisses her, and leaves the room. Snow White wakes up with tears in her eyes.
  • f) William and his father argue over the issue of attacking Ravenna’s castle. Snow White enters the castle’s courtyard, and everybody looks in amazement. Snow White persuades Duke Hammond to attack Ravenna’s castle and delivers a speech to rouse the soldiers to rise against Ravenna’s army. All of the people bow before Snow White.

VII. Battle for the kingdom

  • a) While Ravenna approaches the magic mirror, young again after supposedly consuming countless young souls, an armor-clad Snow White on horseback leads the Duke’s army towards Ravenna’s castle. Ravenna is informed of the Duke’s uprising and the approaching army, and orders her own army to ready.
  • b) Since the tide will not allow for enough time to reach the castle, Snow White suggests that they invade the castle through the sewer system. The seven dwarves are given the task of trudging through the sewer and into the city to open the castle gates. They successfully sneak past all of the guards.
  • c) The battle begins as Snow White and her army are attacked by a barrage of fireballs and arrows while they ride on a beach. The seven dwarves successfully open the gate after a short conflict with the castle guards. Snow White’s army enter inside the castle walls and the fight with the dark army begins in earnest.
  • d) Snow White’s vanguard slowly advances while Ravenna watches from a tower. Snow White and Ravenna make eye contact and Snow White leaves the main battle in pursuit of Ravenna. William and Eric see Snow White and follow her in suit.
  • e) Snow White corners Ravenna inside of the corridor where the magic mirror is held. Armed with a sword, she approaches Ravenna with Eric, William and the rest of the army behind her. Ravenna uses magic to summon her phantom army and fight off Eric and William.
  • f) Ravenna provokes Snow White into battle. Snow White is beaten by Ravenna and is forced to watch as the phantom army lowers the numbers of her army. Ravenna steps inside a fire and begins to yell at Snow White. Right before Ravenna is able to stab Snow White, Snow White counters her attack with a dagger of her own. Three drops of blood fall from Ravenna onto Snow White’s armor.

VIII. Queen Snow White

  • a) Ravenna slowly dies and begins to wither away, cowering in front of the magic mirror. Snow White declares, “You can’t have my heart.” Snow White stares at the magic mirror in silence.
  • b) Snow White is crowned the new queen of the kingdom, in an elaborate ceremony as a flower begins to bud on the once barren branch. The scarred women of the fishing village, Greta, the Hammonds, Eric, and the seven dwarves are in attendance. The people hail their new queen. Eric and Snow White exchange glances from opposite ends of the chamber, as the castle doors close.
  • c) Ending Credits. Ending song is “Breath of Life” by Florence + The Machine.

Screenshots taken from “Snow White and the Huntsman” Universal, 2012. R1-DVD using MPC-HC [500×281, resized from 853×479].

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