Changed some widgets around to make site navigation easier.
First off, blog post categories have been greatly expanded to include individual research assignments.
Just a simple relabeling from “Categories” to “Research Components” and it now acts as a second header. Cheap trick, but it works well in my opinion.
The category widget has been moved up to the top in light of this.
Reason: Dispersing important information on a WordPress Blog seems unnatural. Also, this keeps everything important on the homepage.

Finally replaced the old header with a new one.
Totally relevant.
God bless both naelito of deviantart and photoshop.
Also, got rid of the title in order to clean things up.
Reason: Looks better overall. Also, the title acted as a “Home” link, which was redundant because the banner menu already has one.

Rearranged order of pages on the banner menu.
Reason: Follows general conventions of web page building.

Shoutbox replaced with Cbox.
Find it here, as well as in the header.
Reason: Cbox is infinitely better.


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