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4 Responses to “Conference Presentation”

  1.   Jean Castano Says:

    Hi Brian,
    I thought you were very clever in using your slide to reflect a book from start to finish. The slides took a bit too long to move along to the next and I don’t think there was a way for the viewer to move it along. I would like to see a few images from the movie and/or the original story. I like your argument about the moving returning to the darkness of the fairy tale and how the movie is faithful while using its creative license.

  2.   Brian Chun Says:

    Thanks for the feedback.
    I’ll see what I can do with putting more images in.
    As for advancing the slideshow, the yellow buttons on the bottom will do just that.

  3.   Christopher Hayes Says:

    I thought your take on Stam and fidelity was great. You explained how Snow White and the huntsman faithfully follows the Grims story but also had it’s own character. I also liked the fairy Tale theme that your presentation displays, very creative.

  4.   Kevin L. Ferguson Says:

    As has been said, the “book” look for your presentation is great–also given our class discussion it reminds me of the opening of Sleeping Beauty. I think you do a great job discussing Stam’s arguments for and against fidelity. I wondered if maybe a list or table would better help clarify how those issues work in the film (that is, most of slides 6-9)? But great job!

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