This blog was created by Brian Chun, a student at Queens College for English 391W taught by Dr. Kevin Ferguson during the Spring 2013 semester.
The class was designed to study works of literature and how they were translated into film adaptation, focusing on the critical and intellectual elements which are involved when adapting one form of media into moving pictures and sound.

The project began by first selecting the film adaptation, “Snow White and the Huntsman,” directed by Rupert Sanders (2012) and based on the Brothers Grimm story of “Little Snow-White,” which can be found here. The film interested me because of while the Sanders version seemed to be close to the original folk tale, it was a great departure from what most people today associated with the story; the 1937 Disney version. Thus most of the semester was spent focusing on the violent elements of the 2012 movie with the aim of decoding what exactly Sanders wanted to accomplish by it. More information on the movie can be found here, as well as promotional media here.

The site immediately was expanded within the first month with the addition of pages. The most relevant pages that were needed were 1) FAQ page, 2) About page, and 3) Projects page. These three pages would immediately put the content of the blog into the fray.

The creation process continued with the set-up of the blog. The “Mandigo” WordPress theme was selected largely in part to the clean, neutral look, as the font was non-obtrusive and the blue accents helped give artistic distinction.

Individual post modification and organization was done largely during the initial day it was posted. As most of the posts were very text-heavy, use of line breaks proved to be very helpful, as well as the addition of images.

Later improvements to the site were the addition of a ShoutBox, later upgraded to a CBox, which would provide real-time conversations between visitors to take place. This provided an alternative to the comments section, which would need to be manually monitored for responses, whereas the CBox provided instant messaging to be possible; something that blogs lack.

As more posts were being created, I quickly began to realize that there needed to be some order and organization dictating site navigation. Thus the posts began to be individualized into solitary categories. The addition of the category widget further made navigation easier.

The most noticeable change to the “Mandigo” theme was the use of a custom-made page banner. Although it is only a solitary change, it gave the site a much needed makeover. I was lucky enough to find both an image that was about the movie, as well as keeping faithful to the black and blue theme of the website. A few modifications using Photoshop, and I had my banner ready to go. I feel that banners are very important in blogs since they are the first thing visitors see.


One great skill that I have gained through this project was the familiarity with website building and working with WordPress. Although I have visited countless WordPress sites, this class afforded me the first opportunity to work on one. I think the familiarity with WordPress sites helped me determine how and I wanted to build the site. Having these things in mind allowed for a smooth and seamless growth process of the site.

Another skill that I gained was being reunited with Adobe Photoshop. I was taught Photoshop in high school, but soon after I had ceased to use it since there was little practical use for it as an English major. However, many times the assignments for this class called for the introduction of visual media, and Photoshop was the ubiquitous solution in many cases. Preparing, composing and creating images was a big factor in creating this website, and Photoshop was a great tool to become reacquainted with.

The literary skill I have come to appreciate was the ability to express and articulate meaning in a very concise fashion. As far as web media goes, users devote very little attention span towards one single entity, unless they are extremely interested in the subject. Therefore, it was imperative to learn how to type very little but still say a lot.

However, as a writer there are still several challenges that I face. Although I have significantly improved on my ability to be succinct, there is much room for improvement to be made. I attribute this problem to the desire to always leave nothing unexplained, no room for questions. Perhaps as I continue to write more and more, I will be able to say things without explicitly saying them.

Another challenge that I face is my subject matter’s tendency is always contrarian in nature. I have always liked going against the mainstream opinion, no matter how absurd it may seem. I feel that a good writer can always make themselves seem right even in the worst of circumstances. This however, is not always a good thing, as I have found out this semester. As my final paper argues for the violence in media acting as a form of education, I wonder how many of my readers will actually end up agreeing me, and constantly question whether or not the argument is sound. The challenge for me in this case is to avoid my personal preference for advocating the less popular stances. But like I said, it makes the task all the more worth it.

The last challenge I face as a writer is the ability to give readers a solid context in which I introduce subject matter. I always have a firm, confident feeling of how I am going to present an idea to audiences before I do it. But I find that during the process of taking those mental ideas and turning them into tangible productions, there seems to be something lost.  As a result, I feel that many times my work only reflects a portion of my original intents. The biggest problem in this matter is probably the lack of experience I have in writing for large audiences, something that I hope I will be exposed to on a regular basis as my writing career continues. Perhaps then my writing will come across as clearer than it ever did before. Writing is supposed to enlighten and inspire; something I hope my writing will eventually do for other people.


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