Another round of changes. These will likely be the last (major) updates to the site overall.

On the Mise-en-scène Analysis post, I added the scene screenshot after the 5th, 10th, and 15th points of the analysis. Just a simple copy-paste of code.
Reason: As the entire assignment is focused on the same picture, it keeps the reader from scrolling up a wall of text every time they want to refer to the scene.

Limited the “Home Page” to showing 3 posts at a time only.
Reason: This keeps the homepage from becoming too long, as the assignments are lengthy individually. Also, the “Research Components” widget keeps everything within a click’s reach, so there isn’t really a need to splash all content onto the homepage.

Added more pictures to posts on the Film Review, Final Report, Cover Letter, Annotated Bibliography and Close Reading.
Reason: Makes the visual element of the website more appealing, and gives readers a break from the massive text ambushes.

Added more line breaks/paragraphs to various posts.
Reason: Partitions the text/content/information into smaller groups, making it web-friendly and visually less straining.

Updated the Projects Page with links to all the assignments related to “Snow White and the Huntsman.”
Reason: Gives users an easier way to look at the adaptation assignments.

Changed the “Archives” Widget to drop-down mode.
Reason: Visually more compact, and not as bulky as before.

Gave the Final Report a title: “The Lesson Violence Affords.” You can see it in the title of the post.
Reason: All essays/reports should have a title, and I forgot to add one.

Lastly, although this is not a recent update, I forgot to mention this change that happened a while ago.
The Film Segmentation has screenshots from the R1-DVD from relevant sections of the film.
Reason: The images provide visual relief, also having the screenshots from relevant scenes from the film really helps depict the segmentation better.

I hope that these changes make for a more user-friendly environment. This time around, I focused more on aesthetic changes rather than content; hoping that the images would make the information easier to digest this way.


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