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This site was created as part of a class project for English 391W at CUNY Queens College.

“This course examines the relationship between writing and cinema by focusing on film adaptations of literary genres such as the novel, short story, play, nonfiction essay, children’s book, and graphic novel. We will consider classic and contemporary theories of film adaptation as well as historical and industry-specific issues to address our central question: “How can studying film adaptation allow us to understand better what it is that literature does, and vice versa?” You’ll see that this is a very contentious issue, so expect to read lots of different points of view about the value of adaptations, to watch film adaptations outside of class, to engage in class discussion, and to examine extensively one selected adaptation for a final project.

“English 391W explores in depth significant historical, critical, methodological or theoretical issues within the study of literature, enabling students, as they complete the English major, to reassess their previous work in the field. Readings might be drawn from, for example, a range of historical periods, a variety of genres, or a mix of canonical and non-canonical writings. The course also asks students to think creatively and analytically about literary texts alongside other media, discourses, or modes of critical inquiry and to reflect upon the broader implications of literary studies in relation to other academic disciplines and the world beyond. The course differs from the typical elective in being taught as a small seminar for students with senior standing, allowing for increased student participation and more ambitious individual projects.” -Taken from 391W class blog.

The project was conceptualized by Professor Kevin Ferguson of the English Department, CUNY Queens College.

About the blogger


The main contributor to this blog is Brian Chun. Brian Chun graduated from Syracuse University with a B.S. in Biology. Upon graduating, he entered Hofstra University’s Physician Assistant Program with the hopes of helping people. However he quickly learned that “helping people” entailed actually helping people. With that in mind, he decided to re-educate himself and take a different career path. Currently, he is working towards earning a B.A. in English from CUNY Queens College.

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