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Another round of changes. These will likely be the last (major) updates to the site overall.

On the Mise-en-scène Analysis post, I added the scene screenshot after the 5th, 10th, and 15th points of the analysis. Just a simple copy-paste of code.
Reason: As the entire assignment is focused on the same picture, it keeps the reader from scrolling up a wall of text every time they want to refer to the scene.

Limited the “Home Page” to showing 3 posts at a time only.
Reason: This keeps the homepage from becoming too long, as the assignments are lengthy individually. Also, the “Research Components” widget keeps everything within a click’s reach, so there isn’t really a need to splash all content onto the homepage.

Added more pictures to posts on the Film Review, Final Report, Cover Letter, Annotated Bibliography and Close Reading.
Reason: Makes the visual element of the website more appealing, and gives readers a break from the massive text ambushes.

Added more line breaks/paragraphs to various posts.
Reason: Partitions the text/content/information into smaller groups, making it web-friendly and visually less straining.

Updated the Projects Page with links to all the assignments related to “Snow White and the Huntsman.”
Reason: Gives users an easier way to look at the adaptation assignments.

Changed the “Archives” Widget to drop-down mode.
Reason: Visually more compact, and not as bulky as before.

Gave the Final Report a title: “The Lesson Violence Affords.” You can see it in the title of the post.
Reason: All essays/reports should have a title, and I forgot to add one.

Lastly, although this is not a recent update, I forgot to mention this change that happened a while ago.
The Film Segmentation has screenshots from the R1-DVD from relevant sections of the film.
Reason: The images provide visual relief, also having the screenshots from relevant scenes from the film really helps depict the segmentation better.

I hope that these changes make for a more user-friendly environment. This time around, I focused more on aesthetic changes rather than content; hoping that the images would make the information easier to digest this way.


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Changed some widgets around to make site navigation easier.
First off, blog post categories have been greatly expanded to include individual research assignments.
Just a simple relabeling from “Categories” to “Research Components” and it now acts as a second header. Cheap trick, but it works well in my opinion.
The category widget has been moved up to the top in light of this.
Reason: Dispersing important information on a WordPress Blog seems unnatural. Also, this keeps everything important on the homepage.

Finally replaced the old header with a new one.
Totally relevant.
God bless both naelito of deviantart and photoshop.
Also, got rid of the title in order to clean things up.
Reason: Looks better overall. Also, the title acted as a “Home” link, which was redundant because the banner menu already has one.

Rearranged order of pages on the banner menu.
Reason: Follows general conventions of web page building.

Shoutbox replaced with Cbox.
Find it here, as well as in the header.
Reason: Cbox is infinitely better.


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So this is my attempt at creating a slideshow.
It was done using

I’m not particularly fond of the idea, since it does not guarantee that the slideshow file will be hosted for long periods of time. From what I understand, slideful creates your slideshow by hosting the htm file internally on their server, rather than giving you the option to edit parts of the code yourself.
I have tried fiddling with javascript and other HTML codes that allow me to insert my own path files for the images, but finding one that actually works seems hard, as WordPress automatically edits the HTML code with their own jibberish, making it hard to implement.

However, the ones at do offer a very wide range of customizations, and looks very sleek in the end.
I will continue looking for other options.

Enjoy your daily dose(s) of Napoleon.

Here’s another slideshow to show the other things that can do.
It revolves slightly slower @ 10 second intervals, with other noted changes such as borders, tab, and transition settings.
Enjoy the “D’awwwww.”

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